Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden

– together again.

It’s all here. Unless it’s over there. They know they put it somewhere.

Barry and Ronnie met through the superannuated speed dating group ‘Carbon Dating’ and thanks to Barry’s failed pension scheme and the repossession of Ronnie’s amplifiers they hit the road with their first two man show “Unplugged”.Last year they were ‘Rock of Ages’ this year they’re ‘ROCK OF AGES 2 – UNPLUGGED!’ with not one but TWO buckets containing questions and requests from the audience.

Who says you need a script?

Speed Metal Garage Thrash meets George Formby via Valerie Singleton. Watch them sing, hear them dance, feel them sweat. Take them outside and beat them with a big stick.

If you’ve got an hour to spare – you really should get out more.

Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden

This two hour live show feature’s Barry’s formidable collection of one-liners and tall tales alongside Ronnie’s amazingly versatile musicianship and awesome array of musical impressions: everyone from Dylan to Springsteen via Jagger and Richards and Bowie.

Their comic songs cover subjects such as voluntary euthanasia, mobile phone frustrations, free bus passes, Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden gay interior designers in the Wild West, alien lifeforms and…..John Prescott!

 “Two of comedy’s most fabled masters”  Festival Times

“Cryer’s unfailing ability to deliver material and make it sound fresh time and time again.”  The Guardian

“Golden is an excellent musical mimic, who can slip, like a golden-larynxed chameleon, into any style he chooses.” Daily Mail

“Scabrous schoolboy humour delivered by men who should know better in a manner which indicates that they do but could not give a monkey’s.”  Thom Dibden, The Stage

Barry Cryer

Barry started out as a working comic back in the 1950s performing at the West End’s celebrated Windmill Theatre alongside Danny LaRue, Ronnie Corbett and Bruce Forsyth and even today, in his late 70s, he continues to travel the length and breadth of the UK performing solo shows and touring a live version of “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue,” the jewel in Radio 4’s comedy crown.

His rock ‘n’ roll credentials are in place by having a 1958 number one hit record in Finland with a cover of Sheb Wooley’s sci-fi rockabilly novelty “Purple People Eater”.

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Ronnie Golden

Under his real name Tony De Meur, Ronnie was lead singer/guitarist/songwriter with seminal cult rock band Fabulous Poodles who achieved a degree of fame and notoriety in the States resulting in them outselling both The Jam and The Clash back in the late 70s.

The self-styled ‘Swiss Army Knife of Entertainment’ has since carved several careers for himself writing his standup routines and songs for his 6-piece band Ronnie & The Rex.

As an actor he’s been featured in various BBC TV shows such as The Young Ones and several Lenny Henry Shows and he played an MI6 agent in The Fourth Protocol (alongside Michael Caine).

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