Grin & Tonic

One Act Comedy Plays

Entertaining and light hearted One Act comedy plays by Grin & Tonic suitable for small theatre venues, murder weekends, hotels, village halls and dinner party packages.  Something different with a lot of laughs.

Professional theatre company Grin & Tonic have carefully selected, rehearsed and produced two plays which can be performed in a wide variety of small traditional and non-traditional theatre spaces. No ‘stage’ is needed and they can even be performed outside. Grin & Tonic’s actors are professional comedy performers who regularly appear on stage and screen. Each play consists of a maximum of four actors who arrive at the venue with everything needed to run the show. They bring with them a ‘set in a bag’ which contains all the set and props which they assemble in location.

The light hearted comedies include a whodunit, a black comedy and a very British farce, suitable for all ages. The two plays currently ready for presentation are:

A Jolly Sinister Jape

Agatha Christie meets Enid Blyton in a 1930’s comedy whodunnit

Lord Stubbs, Biffy Trubshaw and his film star wife Ophelia are stranded in a mysterious house during a thunderstorm. The door is locked behind them. But by who? And Why? A fast-moving, madcap comedy, set in the 1930s, with a liberal sprinkling of hilarious period slang, along with mystery and thrills.

Last Tango in Little Grimley

A very British farce. If you like British comedies such as ‘Run for Your Wife’ and ‘Noises Off’, you’ll love this. G & T present a fun, fast paced short comedy in a similar style.

Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society is in trouble. No members, no money, no audience!  A plan to save the group results in an hilarious farce.

Pop Up theatre – live theatre for different occasions

Each title has been carefully selected to appeal to as many people as possible and to provide entertainment that is fun, faced paced and with the magic of live theatre.


Brad Shaw and Tamara Wilder are two London based professional  actors. They met over 10 years ago performing in murder mystery dinners. Between them they have performed on land and at sea in literally hundreds of events in a diverse range of venues from Buckingham Palace to a show lounge on board ship in Hawaii. They have created a range of theatre experiences for a wide range of audiences and work with professional actors to produce these very popular one act comedy plays.