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The Bloomsbury Boys
Stephen Wicks & Mark Welford

The Bloomsbury Boys is a highly original and very entertaining show that treats the audience to a few lessons in flower design, some top tips for getting it right and all whilst regaling stories from the worlds of flowers and ballet.

Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks will transform the stage theatre into a world of floral colour. With their use of frames and imaginative lighting this is grand-scale visual theatre.

The Bloomsbury Boys amaze audiences
The show is never the same twice as the flexible programme is adapted to meet the mix of the audience. From how to make up a small bunch to huge displays created before the audiences' eyes - they will watch with amazement. There is time to sit back, watch, laugh and have fun and there is also a question and answer section which may reveal a few 'Tricks of the Trade'.

Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford, who have a passion for flowers, opened Bloomsbury Flowers in December 1994 after a combined career in the Royal Ballet Companies of more than 30 years.

Bloomsbury Flowers is considered to be at the cutting edge of floral design.

Grand Scale Visual Theatre
The theatricality in all arrangements, large and small and the brilliant combination of flowers and colour are its hallmark.

The Bloomsbury Boys - a colourful, amusing and thoroughly delightful show. Suitable for all audiences and all ages. Be prepared to learn and to laugh!

'I love to use Bloomsbury Flowers because they seem to understand what I want before I understand what I want. I completely trust their taste. From simplicity to eccentricity I know they'll get it right' - Jennifer Saunders

'Their talent as ballet dancers has been uniquely translated to the world of flowers. This show goes one step further adding their sharp sense of wit and fun for a great night out' - Darcey Bussell

Managing Agents
David Foster Management are managing agents for the Bloomsbury Boys. Contact details >>



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The Bloomsbury Boys theatre show
The Bloomsbury Boys theatre showThe Bloomsbury Boys theatre show
The Bloomsbury Boys - Blooming Marvellous

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