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Chris Packham

A stunning new show, with a difference, from Chris Packham - television presenter, photographer, traveller and wildlife expert

A fascinating journey through the eyes of
Chris Packham and his camera. He weaves a visual thread through a number of topics.

Chris, known to most as a wildlife expert and broadcaster, is also a talented and experienced photographer. Throughout his travels and expeditions he has collected thousands of images of the people, places and creatures he has seen.

Striving for Perfection
In this show he has selected 100 very different images; he will talk about why he made the picture, about the process of striving for perfection and how we use the part of our brain which feels for the picture, learns how to see it coming and then at that critical instant when we press that button, make all the decisions from the heart.

Wild & Wide Appeal
The wider appeal and access of this new show will be more inclusive; it is for photographers, travellers and of course wildlife enthusiasts……and equally important fans of Chris Packham!

Also see Chris's new Photos website

Managing Agents

Chris Packham’s managing agent is David Foster Management. Contact details >>

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Chris Packham
Chris Packham - photography

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