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Chris Packham
Never Mind the Buzzards

For wildlife TV presenter Chris, pooh, snot and worse are just everyday facets of animal life.

In his highly entertaining show Chris explains why an albatross's nose runs, why marine iguanas sneeze, how Tussock Birds survive the Falklands winter and, perhaps not something you want to hear before the interval and your ice creams . . . what Falkland Isles Caracaras do for food when things get really tough!

Audiences love to see and hear about the more perverse and peculiar aspects of the animal kingdom. Chris draws on his unique image collection, showing more than 50 plants and animals that have quirky, silly, amusing or extraordinary aspects to their lives.

All will be revealed by this popular presenter:

  • BBC's Springwatch & Autumnwatch 2009
  • The Really Wild Show
  • X-Creatures
  • Birdwatch Wildwatch
  • Animal Zone
  • Nature's Calendar
  • Inside Out

This fabulous family show offers Chris's insight into some of the world's weirdest and wackiest wildlife.

Click to go to Chris Packham's website
Chris Packham's new website is packed with facts, stunning photography, his biog and amazingly useful links:

See Chris's amazing photos website:

Managing Agents
Chris Packham’s managing agent is David Foster Management. Contact details >>

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Chris Packham

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