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Mark O’Shea

Mark O'Shea is one of the world's best known television adventurers and reptile experts.

This show sets out to investigate the fascinating lives of the snakes of the sea:

• Do they attack divers?
• Where do they live and what do they eat?
• How can they dive and surface without
   getting ‘the bends’?
• Are any species endangered?

This illustrated presentation will answer these and more as Mark O’Shea shares his marine forays over and under the waves.

This is aimed at adults and older children with enquiring minds. Not suitable for the very young. No live specimens used!

“One of the world’s best known television adventurers and reptile experts.”

Visually illustrated in Powerpoint

Also see Mark O'Shea's "Blood, Sweat &
Snakebites" >>

Managing Agents
Mark O'Shea's managing agent is David Foster Management. Contact details >>

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Mark O'Shea - Diving with Sea Serpents

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