Canal Boat Stories – Live!

With Robbie Cumming

A fun and interactive evening of canal themed escapism with vlogger, streamer, recording artist and TV personality Robbie Cumming.

Known all over the north, midlands and south of England as ‘the Canal man’ – Robbie has 3 music albums and 4 (5 in 2024) BBC TV series under his belt.

Supported by photos, video, music and even props – this is an intimate experience for fans of canals, alternative living and storytelling.

. . .


As a narrowboater, Robbie is world renowned. Canal Boat Diaries can be seen on BBC Four and Yesterday channels. This vlog-style documentary is all about life on the canals in the midlands and North West of England and was the first time a documentary of its kind was shot using a mobile phone as the main camera. Robbie also edited some of the footage from inside his 40 year old narrowboat. The program was previewed regionally on BBC One and featured Robbie’s own music compositions which were also recorded onboard.

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